The Magic pin board is unic.
No other board can hold so many sheets one above the other or even thin books, without damage, with one-hand operation

Put on simply. The board holds.

Take away simply. None shift from magnets. No taking off of pins.


The electrostatic pinboard is Incredible"Touching"

The electrostatic pinboard "fix" what it means!- Test it, you´ll be convinced


By the electrostatic function the electrostatic plate holds their notes, plans, foils, posters and much different one.

Even one above the other! Switch on simply!

With an external controller the electrostatic plate can be adjusted steplessly; which particularly indication plates is meaningful.

An important point of the electrostatic plate is that the plate can be switched from neutral to bio ionization (option).
Now the electrostatic plate adjusts the lack of ion in shielded buildings, e.g. typically in buildings of concrete.

The electrostatic plate is available in different Decorations, remarks and sizes.

Also customized Decorations or photos are possible.

All electrostatic plates are generally provided with a scratch-proof melamin resin surface layer.
As training and play wall this surface layer is even still consolidated, so that “board markers” can be wiped off without water. Even edding marker are no problem for the pinboard, w
ith our special cleaner also this can be removed problem-free.

Even about the big power of the electrostatic plate, you don´t need much of electric power, cause the special electronic about inside. The capacity of an electrostatic plate lies depending upon execution between 1-3 Watts/m ².

Substituteproducts (Overview):
Critics Pin Board Whiteboard Magic Pin Board
Attachment with pins Magnets Electrostatic
writable no yes yes
Beamer projection no caused yes
Manufacturer a lot of a lot of 1
Exclusivity sehr gering gering sehr hoch
Customer price /m ² 20-50 100-150 200-600
Handling/work effectiveness small midle very high
Price segment small midle high